Your Game Library Never
Looked This Beautiful.

iPhone • iPad

Designed with care and love.

Gamery was meticulously designed and developed to feel great on your iPhone and iPad with a user interface that is stunning and easy to use.

Import your games from everywhere.

You can directly import your existing game library from your favorite platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, Nintendo, Epic Games Store, RetroAchievements, and GOG! For PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, and RetroAchievements you can even keep track of your achievements progress.

Style your game pages.

Make game pages your own with 3 different background types, over 15 background image filters, 5 title styles, and the ability to re-order or hide certain info tiles.

Smart Matching

Unmatched games from imports are corrected with the help of AI. The next time you or another user tries to import those games, they will match correctly.

Gamery Premier

Gamery is free to use. If you would like to use all features and support me, you can use the one-time purchase across all devices or subscribe monthly or yearly. It's your choice.

A variety of beautiful widgets.

Beautiful widgets let you see your favorite games and upcoming releases right on your home screen.

Organize your games with collections

Create collections with personalized titles and colors allowing you to curate and categorize your games exactly to your preference.

Customizable Experience

Tailor Gamery precisely to your liking with an array of alternative app icons, vibrant color schemes, and multiple view and sorting options.


Stay ahead of upcoming releases effortlessly with the integrated wishlist featuring countdowns and release reminders.

How Long To Beat

Gauge the time required to complete the story, delve into extra content, or conquer the entire game with ease.


See detailed statistics about platforms and genres as well as yearly replays to track your gaming journey.

iCloud Sync

Enjoy the convenience of effortless synchronization, guaranteeing that your game collection remains consistently updated across all your devices. With iCloud sync, access your game collection anytime, anywhere, without missing a beat.

Everything you need to know in one place

With the integrated IGDB database, Gamery provides you with all the information and screenshots you need. Access everything you need to know about your favorite games with ease.


Explore all upcoming gaming events. Set start reminders to ensure you're always in the loop, and seamlessly watch livestreams to catch the action as it unfolds. After the show, catch up with all the announced games, keeping your gaming knowledge up-to-date and your excitement levels high.