Update 2.6

Gamery adds importing from Nintendo, GOG, RetroAchievements, and Epic Games Store

Gamery 2.6 introduces four new import services and a lot of improvements for the importing system.

With the latest version of Gamery, gamers can now effortlessly import their favorite titles from a multitude of platforms, including Nintendo, Epic Games Store, RetroAchievements, and GOG. This is in addition to the previously available importing from PlayStation, Steam, and Xbox. This expanded list of import services ensures that users can consolidate their entire gaming collection within a single, centralized app for seamless access and management.

New import services

Users can now import their existing libraries from Nintendo, Epic Games Store, RetroAchievements, and GOG. Games imported from RetroAchievements lets them also track their achievements progress from game pages. Nintendo importing is limited to digital purchases made in the last two years because of the way this data is available from Nintendo, but this gives users a good head start and they can then continuously import future purchases.

Smart Matching

Gamery is powered by IGDB.com and matching games from a variety of import services is hard because there's no magic way to find the exact match based on the game names on those services. With Smart Matching, those games that could not be matched with IGDB will be uploaded and corrections will be applied to make sure that they match (e.g. Xbox provides us with the game gta-v but IGDB expects it to be grand-theft-auto-v). Gamery downloads these corrections once a day and in the future users will be able to import those games automatically. This is a big step forward for making importing the users library much more seamless.

Multi-account achievements

Now that users can import from more services it is likely that they own the same game on multiple platforms. To make achievements tracking better, they can now see the achievements for each platform separately.

Ignore list

Don't want Gamery to import specific games ever? Users can now choose to ignore games from importing and this ignore list is synced across devices so that auto import knows about them.

Unmatched games behavior

Games that could not be matched with IGDB will no longer be imported into the user's library to avoid clutter. They can now find them in import settings and still rematch them manually if they want. Unmatched games are automatically uploaded to be corrected to work with Smart Matching.

Better auto import

Auto import has been improved drastically and users can now toggle auto import per import account.


Gamery 2.6 is available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad starting April 10, 2024 5:00 AM (GMT).
A TestFlight beta with all those features is available here.


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